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The tension of the material and the pressure of the hand down on the Throttle Rocker give a tight grip on the accelerator. The downward pressure turns the accelerator.

Cruise control

Cruise control is handy when you're on the highway, but what happens when you walk around in a group, in cities with multiple stops and lights or on country roads? During a hike, you can not use your cruise control frequently.


If you have cruise control, adding a Throttle Rocker gives you full control of the throttle and will be happy to have one, especially when you walk in an area that does not allow you to use your cruise control. With the Throttle Rocker, you will have the best of both worlds.

Les advantages

With the 3rd generation Throttle Rocker, you do not have to squeeze the handle to operate the throttle. This means less fatigue and cramps for your hand as a "grip grip" (death grip) is no longer required to maintain cruising speed.

  • You can operate the accelerator while having a relaxed hand.

  • Throttle Rocker greatly reduces hand fatigue and cramping.

  • It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

  • Eliminates throttle release (throttle creep) due to hand fatigue.

  • It is not a throttle lock.


- New generation of Throttle Rocker - 
Brand new

Nice & Comfortable

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